Profile of company

VKV HORÁK s.r.o. is a pure Czech company which specializes in construction, working on development in the section mechanical engineering, tool-making industry and metal tooling. Since 1990, the company works as FO Zdenek Horák on the industrial market of production engineering, from the beginning of 2004 then as the body corporate VKV HORÁK s.r.o. During its existence, the company gained faithful customers thanks to its professional approach, active customer care and the quality of production. The company continues to develop especially in the section of production technology and construction. VKV HORÁK s.r.o. especially offers plans, the production of prototypes, mechanical components or instrumentation setups and the production of tools, devices, forming forms and injection forms for the serial production.

Concerning the performance in the engineering section, it is the drift of the company to offer to the customer a modern 3D-based plan and construction, the development and production of a prototype and the construction of tools including their production. Therefore, the company uses the newest and most modern computing technology, software and technology.

To the business portfolio of the company belongs as well the development of the data based information system Pedant which is used for controlling and elevation of efficiency of management actions in small and middle companies.

The company carries out its activities in a new and modern background and production area what contributes to ensure the quality and to elevate the efficiency of production.